The Gift of the Magi

The Conflict in the short story The Gift of the Magi is between both protagonists Della and Jim. Its Christmas time and neither of them have enough money to buy eachother a gift. To show their love for eachother they want to buy one another a gift that would make their prized possesions even more special.

Della's most prized possesion is her hair. It is long and lucious and she loved to have it up. But since she had no money and she wanted to by Jim the best present ever, she desided to cut it off. She recieved twenty dollars for her locks of hair. Then she went searching for the thing that would make her husband absolutley estatic. As she is looking she comes across a chain that would go on a watch. She considers this and desides its the perfect gift. Her reasoning for this is Jims most prized possession is his golden watch. She thinks to herself, "Now Jim will have to look at his watch every few seconds!"

As Della was doing this, Jim was searcing for her gift as well. He new that she loved her hair, and he also remembered her looking at Seashell Combs so lovingly. He figured this would be the most amazing gift to give to Della. Though he didnt't have the money, so this was a complication. He decided that since he loved her so much that he would sell his watch to buy her the combs.

So that night when is came time to give eachother the gifts, Jim walked into the house and saw Dell, with her short hair and a huge smile on her face. He asked what she did to her hair and she told him what had to happen in order to buy him the gift. She then thrust the gift upon him and told him how much he would like it. When he opened his gift he told Della that he thought they should each hold on to the gifts a little longer. When he noticed her confused expression he told her how he no longer had the watch for he had bought her the hair combs she wanted.

So the decided that they would wait, for him to get the money to buy back his watch, and for her hair to grow long and beatiful again.